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Homelessness in the Bay Area

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Working Together to End Homelessness

The Bay Area represents nine separate counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma. Each county is comprised of many agencies and organizations working collaboratively to prevent and end homelessness. While each of the nine counties that make up the Bay Area region have their own culture, set of values, and approaches to homelessness, they all have taken important steps individually and collectively, to effectively address homelessness in the Bay Area.

We have designed the website to bring forward what we know about the Bay Area: what does homelessness look like across the entire region, what are the challenges we are facing as a region, and what strategies have the nine counties taken up to address homelessness in creative and impactful ways.

The website is designed to be organic. The hope is that users will be able to explore different components in whatever order makes the most sense for their purposes and needs: searching for data about the region, finding examples of impactful work in a specific community, searching to be inspired about the great work occurring throughout the region.

There are four main sections:

As new work unfolds in the region, the website will be updated with additional information. If you work in the region and know of a program or project that is not included on the site, please let us know.

Background on Homebase

Homebase is a collective of legal, policy, and subject matter experts who are also data geeks, skilled facilitators, and strategic thinkers and planners dedicated to addressing homelessness and its root causes.

Applying over three decades of experience in the homelessness response field and expertise that spans disciplines and geographies, Homebase works directly with communities to develop strengths-based, customized responses to their most pressing challenges. We partner with clients in the public, non-profit, and faith-based sectors to identify barriers and key resources, refine their ideas and goals, and design scalable solutions. 

We believe that meaningful impact results from robust and intentional collaboration across sectors and systems, cultivation of passionate leaders, and skillful execution of policy and practice to achieve sustainable results. Our approach is focused and practical, but driven by an expansive, long-term vision of system integration and a comprehensive, coordinated response to homelessness and poverty.